Tony Marinaro is the host of the Montreal Forum sports radio show on Montreal’s TSN 690

LPW: You come from an Italian background, so I guess you know a thing or two about pizza.

TM: It’s my favourite food. Everywhere I have travelled to I try their pizza. I’ve eaten pizza in different parts of the Caribbean, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the United States and obviously Italy. They say that Napoli has the best pizza in the world mainly because of their water and their temperature. Unfortunately, I’ve never eaten pizza in Napoli. The best pizza I ever had was in Sicily. It was not overly thick, not overly thin, it was just right. The ingredients, from the basil, to the tomato sauce, to the cheese, were just so fresh that you could taste and smell the difference.

LPW: Besides the ingredients, what do you think makes for a great pizza?

TM: It comes down to personal preference. I like my pizza to have intensity, which means that it’s a little bit thinner on the outer edge, but stacked a little more in the center of the pizza. That way it doesn’t fall apart when you cut into it. The dough is also extremely important. There are double zero doughs that if you taste them, you will immediately taste the difference. And, the longer you make the dough rise, the better-tasting the pizza, and the lighter it’s going to be on your stomach. The tomato sauce is also very important, as well as the cheese. And, last but not least, is the love that the pizza chef puts into making the pizza.

LPW: Would it be fair to say that pizza has been an important part of your life?

TM: In the Marinaro household we had a tradition. Every Saturday night my father ordered a pizza or two. And, the whole family – me, my two sisters, and my mother and father would sit in front of the TV eating pizza while watching The Montreal Canadiens game.

LPW: If you had to use a pizza to describe this year’s version of the Habs what kind of pizza would they be?

TM: A very average pizza. A pizza with toppings of average quality. A pizza that is missing taste, somewhat bland. The pizza is not well made. Lacks intensity and might just fall apart.

LPW: Ha! I think you’re right, but let’s hope that they can spice things up a little!