Mike Paterson is an international comedy superstar with a long list of television and film credits to his name. Fresh off a spectacular run of 24 shows and a French Language Gala at this year’s Just For Laughs Festival, he’s hungry for his latest challenge: finding Montreal’s best vegetarian pizza!

Have you eaten a lot of vegetarian pizza?

I’ve been a vegetarian for 23 years. From the time I was 18 until I was 31, pretty much all I ate was vegetarian pizza, which makes me kind of an expert. In fact, I love pizza so much that my PIN number is Cheesepizza1, just in case anyone wants to access my banking information.

How much do you love pizza?

I love pizza so much that whenever I tell my wife “I love you,” I have to remind her that she’s not my first love. My first love will always be pizza. I have a new one-year-old daughter and it’s terrible because she always wants to eat all my pizza! I have to order extra just for her! I’m joking, but the truth is, I’ve learned to share because of her. In other words, pizza has made me grow as a human being!

So what makes a great vegetarian pizza?

Pizza Hut was basically my “gateway drug,” so I used to eat a lot of pan pizza with the big, thick crust. But then, when I started meeting Italian and Lebanese people, they had the thinner crust, and I really liked that because I realized that you could put all kinds of toppings on it. I definitely love Margheritas. I also like almost anything with spicy eggplant on it. I also love broccoli — who would have thought they would love broccoli on a pizza but it’s the best. There’s also that Greek pizza with spinach, onion and feta. Sometimes it’s nice to switch the mozzarella for feta. I like the crust well-done, almost crispy –none of this half-cooked stuff. I’m definitely a pizza snob.

Do you have a favourite pizza memory?

When Pavarotti died, I created this character Panzerotti, who was the greatest Pavarotti impersonator of all time. To eulogize Pavarotti, I came on stage in a big wig and a tuxedo with a large cheese pizza and I sang Ave Maria while eating the pizza and crying. I remember that night very well.

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