Jeremy Filosa is a sports journalist at 98.5 FM

You’re Italian. Can I assume you have a lot of experience with pizza?

Ha! If you mean experience eating it, then yes!

You know, a lot of people don’t realize, but if you go to Italy, the word ‘pizza’ originally meant cake. So when I was a little kid and we’d go to Italy, the word hadn’t really been Americanized yet. You can still order a pizza di chocolata, for example, which is just a regular chocolate cake. So people would offer me a piece of pizza and then they’d give me a piece of cake. It was pretty confusing. But the kind of pizza we’re talking about here, my mom used to make it for us all the time, still does.

What does your mom put in her pizza?

Actually it’s funny, my mom made the square kind of pizza. Now, I like pepperoni and cheese, but my dad, he likes his pizza without the cheese. You’d think an Italian man, who grew up in Italy, it’s a little strange that he doesn’t like mozzarella, but he just doesn’t like it. So when my mom made pizza, there was always one corner with no cheese for my dad, one corner with pepperoni and cheese for me, and the other half of the pizza was all-dressed for my mom and my sister.

What do you think makes a great pizza?

Pepperoni and cheese is still my favourite. Either that or meat lovers pizza, but I think it’s really about the way you feel after you eat it. You want to be full and satisfied, but not having to chug five glasses of water because it was too salty. I also like to fold my pizza. You have to be able to fold the slice and eat it like a sandwich. If I can do that then I’m happy.

You sound like a real pizza fan.

I’m definitely a pizza fan, but I cover the Montreal Impact for my work, and they have a player named Dominic Oduro. This guy, they call him Mr. Pizza. You’d think a guy like that, a professional soccer player, of all people, he wouldn’t be eating a lot of pizza, but if you interview him after the game, he’s always got a pizza box next to him in the locker room. He eats so much pizza that every year he has a new pizza sponsor!

Writer: Robbie Dillon