Massimo Lecas and his partners are the founders of world-famous restaurant and night club Buona Notte. Fiorellino combines their 25 years of experience in the industry with a fresh, new look and an exciting culinary philosophy.

What was the inspiration for Fiorellino?

When my partners and I founded Buona Notte, we took the name from an Italian lullaby “Buona Notte Fiorellino.” Now that we’re all older, we have kids and we use that song to put our kids to sleep. The way we figure it, is if Buona Notte were to open today, it would look a lot like Fiorellino. The name came to us naturally because Fiorellino is the next chapter in our story.

How is Fiorellino different than Buona Notte?

You have to remember that the way you see Buona Notte now is not the same as it was seen 25 years ago. Fiorellino is more of a family type place, strongly oriented on the pizza but taking more of a “foodie” approach. Our pizzas are now being created by chefs with a culinary background. We’re personally sourcing all of our ingredients, going out to find the perfect tomato, the perfect mozzarella, the perfect flour, because that’s still 70-80% of what a pizza is.

Tell me about the sourcing of the food.

One of our partners is an importer of Italian fine foods, so we always get the first crack at whatever is out there and can bring it in directly from Italy. The direction we wanted to take was to not have all the typical calamari, meatballs, and caesar salad that usually comes with pizza, but food prepared by chefs who’ve been trained in the best schools and the best restaurants.

Is there a lot of experimentation?

It’s not about unusual ingredients. We’re not looking to put gold flakes and unicorns on the pizza, like some people in the industry. We’re more about being completely seasonal, being completely in touch with what’s out there. A lot of times you’ll go to a restaurant and they have a tomato salad that’s always on the menu. We know that tomatoes are at their best at the end of the summer, beginning of fall, so that’s when we’ll do our tomato salad. We do everything market fresh and it’s all prepared in-house. A lot of our clients will ask where we get certain ingredients but everything, from our pasta to our desserts, it’s all done in-house.

Fiorellino is at 470, rue de la Gauchetière Ouest



Writer: Robbie Dillon